Skills Programme: Train the Trainer, U/S 117877 & 9964

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 Train the Trainer

Course outcomes:  Train the Trainer

This Train the trainer course will enable the learner to describe the requirements applicable to be able to facilitate training sessions.

Persons will be able to:
To start, explain the steps to prepare for a training session
How to conduct training sessions
How to monitor and report on learner progress
Finally, review and evaluate the process of the training session.

Let’s continue discussing the components of a train-the-trainer program:

Managing the Group and the Space:
This segment focuses on group dynamics and classroom management. Trainers learn techniques for creating an engaging learning environment. They explore strategies for handling diverse audiences, ensuring everyone feels included and respected.

Final Training Preparations:
In this phase, trainers cover logistical aspects. They prepare training materials, set up the training space, and ensure everything is ready for delivery. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure a smooth training experience.

Final Delivery & Closing:
Participants deliver an actual training session, applying what they’ve learned throughout the program. This practical experience allows them to refine their skills and receive feedback. The course concludes with reflection and closing remarks.
Lastly, these components can be customized based on the organization’s specific needs and the duration of the program.

Purpose of the course:  

The Train the trainer course will provide recognition for individuals who perform or intend to perform one-to-one training on the job. Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent trainers or coaches. 

Target group:  
Team Leaders
ETDP Practitioners
Trainers and Managers
Anyone interested in developing these skills and being involved with the transferring of skills and knowledge to others

An attendance certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.   

SAQA unit standard aligned :
Aligned to unit standard 117877 Perform one-to-one training on the job. NQF level 3 is worth 4 credits.