Skills Programme: Workplace OHS Compliance, U/S 120366 & 120333

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Purpose of the course:
This course is giving the learner the understanding to maintain health, safety, and environmental legislation in a workplace.

SAQA unit standard aligned:
Unit standard 120366 Demonstrate understanding of the implementation of occupational health, safety, and environmental legislation in the workplace. NQF Level 4 is worth 9 credits.  

Unit standard 9964 Apply health and safety to a work area. NQF level 2 is worth 3 credits.  
Course structure:
Module 1
Legislative framework of health, safety, and environmental legislation
Legislative Process composition of the Act
Legislation Contravention
Legal Implications
Purpose of the Ohs Act
Consequences of failing to comply
Legislation Objectives

Legal Requirements:
The Ohs Act Sections:
The Occupational Health and Safety Act

General Regulations:
The General Administrative Regulations
The General Safety Regulations
The Major Hazard Installation Regulations
The Explosives RegulationsThe Construction Regulation
Regulations for Hazardous Work by Children in SA

Health-related Regulations:
The Asbestos Regulations
The Diving Regulations
The Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
The Facilities Regulations
The Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances
The Lead Regulations
The Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Mechanical-related Regulations:
The Driven Machinery Regulations
The General Machinery Regulations
The Lift, Escalator, and Passenger Conveyor
The Pressure Equipment Regulations

Electrical-related Regulations:
The Electrical Installation Regulations
The Electrical Machinery Regulations

Requirements for good practices
Good standards at the workplace
Reason for adhering to rules at the workplace

Implementation and maintenance
Legislative appointments that need to be in place; Achieve safety goals; monitoring
Remedial action to ensure compliance
Module 2
The legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting, reporting, and acting on the outcome of a pre-use, safety, and/or audit inspection.
Prepare for the inspections.
Conduct pre-use, safety, and audit inspections.
Initiate immediate remedial action where necessary.
Report on and follow up on inspection results.
Statutory requirements;
Policy requirements
Importance of Compliance;
Relevant Legislative requirements
The implementation and
maintenance of health, safety and
environmental legislation in a
Allocation of resources
Training and
Objectives and targets
Compliance monitoring
Documents and records
Recommending action

Target group:
She and Occupational health practitioners
All health and safety managers, engineers, and other persons directly involved in the implementation and management of health and safety within any organization.
All persons wishing to have a full understanding of OHS at the workplace, the purpose behind OHS, and also how to successfully implement it.
Health and Safety Representative;
Staff involved in day-to-day Ohs responsibilities
Line Managers and supervisors
Department of Labour inspectors
She Representatives, committee members

Attendance and Competent certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.