Skills Programme: First aid Level 2, U/S 120496 & 9964

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Purpose of the course:
The learners will be able to perform First aid level 2.

SAQA unit standard aligned:
The course is also aligned with unit standard 119567, First aid Level 1.

Unit standard 120496 Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace at NQF 2 worth 5 credits.
Unit standard 9964 Apply health and safety to a work area at NQF level 2 worth 3 credits.

The skill, knowledge, and values reflected in this unit standard form part of the exit level outcomes required for the National Certificate in Environmental Practice NQF Level 2. 

Course structure:
Basic principles of First Aid
Aims of primary emergency health care
The impact on both employees and employers
Importance of complying
First aid box management
Movement of a patient
Elementary and applied anatomy and physiology
The manner in which the systems relate and operate
Bandages and dressings
Use of dressings and bandages; Practical use of bandages
Emergency Scenes
Multiple injury management; Primary assessment
Calling for assistance; Safety risk
Emergency requirements and safe scenes
Joint injuries; Available resources
Emergency services; Secondary assessment; Continual care
Primary emergency life support
Choking persons; Rescue breathing; Recovery position
Adult CPR with 1 or 2 rescuers
Child, infant CPR; Child, infant resuscitation
Wounds and bleeding
Secondary assessment
Neck and spinal injuries
Head injuries, unconsciousness, and fainting
Fractures, dislocations, and sprains
Pelvic and abdominal injury; Soft tissue injuries
Foreign objects; Hand injuries; Eye injuries
Bites and stings; Burn wounds
Environmental Illnesses and injuries
Poisoned patients; Fits (Epilepsy)
Chest pain (heart attack) and paralysis
Chest injuries
Record incidents/accidents
Communicate the status of a patient
Report the incident or accident

Module 2:
Understanding danger, hazard, and risk
Safety Plan
Emergency Procedures
Procedure for reporting and recording illness or any emergency situation
What to do when the injury leads to a claim against a workman’s compensation.
Incident reporting and deadlines.
Target group: 
Valid First aid level 1
To renew your valid First Aid level 2 certificate before the expiring date
First aid level 2 is recommended for a company, institution, or business that is open to the public.

Competent certificates will be issued electronically in PDF and valid for 3 years.