Skills Programme: Affsaf SHE Management, U/S 120330, 120344 & 120333

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Purpose of the course:  
Get a better understanding of the OHS Act and its regulations and how to Manage Safety at the workplace.

SAQA unit standard aligned :
Unit standard 120344 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation.  NQF level 4 is worth 2 credits.
Unit standard 120330 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace. NQF Level 3 is worth 4 credits.
Unit standard 120333 Conduct, report, and follow up on a pre-use, safety, and/or audit inspection. NQF Level 3 is worth 5 credits.
Course outcomes:  
This course is structured over a period of 7 days and the programme is as follows:

DAY 1-4                                                               
The Occupational Health and Safety Act
The General Administrative Regulations                                            
The Environmental Regulations for workplaces                               
The Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations                                  
The Construction Regulations
The General Safety Regulations
The Facility Regulations
The Major Hazard Installation Regulations
The Hazardous Chemical Regulations
The Driven Machinery Regulations                                                    
The General Machinery regulations
The Pressure Equipment Regulations                                               
The Electrical Installation Regulations                                              
The Electrical Machinery Regulations                         
Learners will be able to:
The knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the relevant legislation.
The requirements for compliance as stipulated in the current legislation.
Management controls are required under legislation to achieve compliance.
The knowledge and understanding of record keeping required by the legislation.
The legal obligations of the employer in terms of training and communication.

Learners will be able to:
Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments.
Prepare to conduct a continuous risk assessment.
Conduct a continuous risk assessment.
Initiate remedial action and follow up on Continuous Risk Assessment. 

Learners will be able to:
The legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting, reporting, and acting on the outcome
of a pre-use, safety, and/or audit inspection
Prepare for the inspections
Conduct pre-use, safety, and audit inspections
Initiate immediate remedial action where necessary
Report on and follow up on inspection results
Target group:  
Executives, Top Management
General Managers
Plant Managers
Senior/Line Managers
Managers assigned and further assigned in terms of section 16(2)
Maintenance Managers
SHE Managers and practitioners
Safety Officers
H&S Managers
Supervisors and Foremen,
Technical staff
Employees being identified by management

Attendance and Competent certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.