Competent Risk Assessor and SHE Representative Course 120330 + 259622

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This is a 4day course, the learner will complete the full course (4 unit standards) to apply for Competent Certificate.
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Course Overview

The fundamentals of the two-day SHE Representative and Risk Assessor course typically cover a comprehensive range of topics that are essential for professionals in the field of Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE). Here are some of the key components you can expect from the She Representative and Risk Assessor course that will ensure that you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to perform your duties effectively, and to make a positive impact on workplace safety and health. This course is aligned to SAQA US259622: Describe the functions of the SHS Representative; and US 120330: Conduct a risk assessment in a workplace.

  • Understanding the Legal Framework: Knowledge of the OHS Act, regulations, and codes of practice.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Clarification of the rights, powers, functions, and duties of a SHE Representative.
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment: Techniques for spotting potential hazards and assessing associated risks.
  • Incident Investigations: Methods for conducting thorough investigations following workplace incidents.
  • Health & Safety Management: Strategies for managing and promoting health and safety within the workplace.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Skills for accurately recording findings and ensuring proper documentation.
  • Continuous Learning: Emphasis on the importance of ongoing education and staying updated with SHE practices.

Benefits of the SHE Representative and Risk Assessor course:

  • Initially, gain a Comprehensive Understanding: Build a robust foundation in safety, health, and environmental practices, customized for your industry’s specific requirements.
  • Subsequently, develop Risk Identification Skills: Proactively pinpoint potential hazards to prevent incidents, thus bolstering workplace safety.
  • Furthermore, acquire Legal Insight: Learn about the OHS Act and pertinent legislation to ensure your organization’s compliance with legal norms.
  • Additionally, achieve Communication Enhancement: Strengthen your skills in conveying safety procedures and risks to peers, nurturing a culture of safety consciousness.
  • Moreover, pursue Professional Development: Augment your credentials and career opportunities in occupational health and safety, becoming an indispensable member of any team.
  • Lastly, foster Cultural Change: Play a pivotal role in establishing a safety-centric culture in your organization, engaging every employee in the pursuit of a secure work environment.