She File Development Course, aligned to unit standard 9964 (2V)

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Purpose of the course:

The She File Development Course is an introduction to health and safety principles and how to plan, prepare and develop safety files.

Course outcomes for the She File Development Course:  

The duties of both the employer and employee with regard to occupational safety and health in the workplace
The Ohs representation structure and activities.
Address hazards and associated risks in the workplace

What is a risk, hazard and lastly a danger.

Reporting procedure of hazards and risks
Explain the general safety rules in the workplace.
Medically and non-medically intoxication Authorised access to the use of motorized and mobile equipment
Lockout procedures;
Symbolic and other signage
Identify potential hazards in the work area Identified, removed, reduced, or reported. Implications of exposure to hazardous substances and hazards
Health & Safety plan and file development.o The difference between a plan and a file Developing a safety plan as per the client’s needs
Creating a safety file
Audit protocol
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the workplace.
Maintenance and storage practices for PPE
Reporting and replacement procedures
The importance of wearing PPE
Good Housekeeping
The need for good housekeeping
Stacking and storage of materials
Demarcation and color coding practices
Emergency procedures in the workplace, organizational emergency plan
Emergency escape routes, assembly points, and refuge bays
Communication in the case where there is an emergency
Damage to persons or property in the case of an emergency
The location of fire extinguishers, hoses, and alarms
Different fire extinguishers;
Identification of emergencies
Reporting of Injuries
Illness or injury in the work area. Reporting and recording
Claim against workman compensation
Write a brief incident report.

SAQA unit standard aligned

She File Development Course, Unit standard 9964

The course is aligned to Apply Health and Safety to a work area NQF level 2 is worth 3 credits