Skills Programme: Sastrac – Safety Administrative System Training Course, U/S 259601, 120330, 120335 & 120333

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Purpose of the course:
SASTRAC –  Safety Administrative System Training Course is to be able to plan, implement, maintain and audit a SHE Management system at the workplace. It includes all the requirements for ISO 45001.
SAQA unit standard aligned:

It contains 16 credits.

Unit standard 259601 Participate in the implementation and evaluation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace. NQF Level 2 is worth 2 credits.
Unit standard 120330 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace. NQF Level 3 is worth 4 credits
Unit standard 120335 Conduct an investigation into workplace incidents. NQF Level 3 is worth 5 credits
Unit standard 120333 Conduct, report and follow up on a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection. NQF Level 3 is worth 5 credits.
Course Outcomes:
Understand the legal liabilities at the workplace.
Techniques to implement and evaluate a safety and health management programme in the workplace.
The legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments at the workplace
The requirements for workplace safety, health and environmental incident investigations at the workplace.
Conducting, reporting and acting on audit inspection at the workplace.
Structure of the course:
Module 1:
Discuss and apply the techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment at the workplace and implement remedial action and follow-up actions.
Module 2:
Describe requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation.
 Module 3:
Auditing procedures for legal compliance.
Module 4:
What do Management and Supervisory level legal liabilities entail?
Accident or incident prevention and control
The link between the OHS Act and a management system.
What a management system must have to be deemed to be ISO 45001 compliant.
The requirements for the implementation of a health and safety management programme.
How to implement the procedures for evaluating health and safety performance at the workplace.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the system.
Motivate the use of a She Management system.
Target group:
She and Occupational health practitioners
All health and safety managers, engineers and other persons directly involved in the implementation and management of health and safety within any organisation.
All persons wishing to have a full understanding of OHS at the workplace, the purpose behind OHS and also how to successfully implement it.
Line Managers and supervisors
Department of Labour inspectors
She Representatives, committee members
Attendance and Competent certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.   The learner will get a certificate for each module.