Packaging, Stacking and Storage Training Course (4hC)

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Safe Packing and Storage

Course outcomes: Safe Stacking

Firstly, we’ll cover floors and supporting surfaces to ensure a solid foundation for storage.

Next, we’ll discuss stake holding structures and their importance in maintaining stability.

Then, we’ll delve into pallet construction and loading, a crucial aspect of warehouse operations.

Following this, we’ll learn about stacking different types of goods to maximize space and maintain safety.

Subsequently, we’ll go over the rules for destacking to prevent accidents during the retrieval process.

After that, we’ll talk about the segregation of stock for efficient inventory management.

Then, we’ll focus on fire safety, a critical consideration in any storage facility.

Next up, we’ll discuss storage inspections and their role in maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse.

Moving on, we’ll explore safe stock movement to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operations.

Then, we’ll touch on housekeeping practices to maintain a clean and organized environment.

Following that, we’ll discuss the importance of proper lighting in ensuring safety and efficiency.

Finally, we’ll conclude with the training of employees, a key factor in maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse.

  • Floors and supporting surfaces: Understanding the importance of stable and solid surfaces for safe stacking and storage.
  • Stake holding structures: Learning about different structures that can hold and secure stacked goods.
  • Pallet construction and loading: Gaining knowledge on how to properly construct and load pallets for safe storage and transport.
  • Stacking different types of goods: Learning the specific considerations when stacking different types of goods.
  • Rules for destacking: Understanding the safe procedures for destacking goods.
  • Segregation of stock: Learning how to properly segregate stock for safety and efficiency.
  • Fire safety: Understanding the fire safety considerations in stacking, packing, and storage.

Purpose of the course:  
The learners will be able to identify the best practice for stacking goods.

The Regulatory Training: Safe Stacking, Packing and Storage is important for several reasons:

  • Firstly, regarding safety: Improper stacking and storage can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities in the workplace. This training helps to prevent such incidents by teaching best practices for safe stacking and storage.
  • Secondly, in terms of efficiency: Proper stacking and storage can improve the efficiency of a warehouse or storage facility. It allows for easier access to items, better use of space, and quicker inventory turnover.
  • Lastly, concerning regulatory compliance: Many industries have regulations regarding the safe stacking and storage of goods. This training helps ensure that your organization is in compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties. This ensures that all necessary safety measures are taken and legal standards are met.
  • Damage Prevention: Improper stacking and storage can lead to damage to the goods being stored. This training helps prevent such damage, saving the organization money in the long run.
  • Employee Confidence: When employees are properly trained in safe stacking and storage, they can perform their jobs with more confidence. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Target group:  Store person Supervisor Manager 

Attendance certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.   

SAQA unit standard aligned :
This is a non-accredited course, it forms part of the unit standard 120325