Safe Movement of Material, US 120325 and 9964 Aligned (S2C)

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Safe Movement and Handling of Material

Safe Movement and Handling of Material

Course structure: Safe Movement and Handling of Material

The structural safety principles.
The types of incidents.
Floors and traffic routes.
Safety to stairs, ladders, moving walkways, and catwalks.
Safety requirements pertaining to windows, doors, gates, and walls.
Requirements pertaining to teagal openings, ore draw points, elevated work areas, and storage platforms.
Injuries arise from manually handling material.
Techniques used to manually handle material.
The environmental conditions.
The physical and psychological effects.
The training requirements, equipment, and tools.
The right personal protective equipment, tools, and equipment are used in Ergonomics.
Mechanical handling of material.
Types of conveyors utilized.
Firstly, we focus on the principles of conveyor guarding for the safety of people. Secondly, we consider the requirements pertaining to the movement of people. Lastly, we emphasize on training people in safe operation

  • The knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the relevant legislation.
  • The requirements for compliance as stipulated in the current legislation.
  • Management controls are required under legislation to achieve compliance.
  • The knowledge and understanding of record keeping required by the legislation.
  • The legal obligations of the employer in terms of training and communication.
  • Implications of exposure to hazardous substances
  • A health and safety program includes hazard identification, risk assessment, and a health and safety plan.
  • Statutory requirements regarding Acts and Regulations

Purpose of the course:
Initially, the learners will be able to monitor the application of safety and health principles regarding the movement of materials in and around a working place. Subsequently, they can report on these observations. Finally, they are equipped to advise on the necessary adjustments or improvements

The target group initially starts with Safety Officers. Following that, it includes Health and Safety Representatives. Subsequently, the Safety Committee comes into the picture. Furthermore, Supervisors are also part of the group. Lastly, Managers are included in the target group.

We will issue certificates electronically. You can request hardcopy certificates at an additional cost

SAQA unit standard aligned:
Unit standard 120325 Monitor, report, and advice on the application of safety and health principles regarding the movement of people and materials in and around a working place.  NQF Level 3 is worth 7 credits.