Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Course, u/s 120330 aligned (2C+E)

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This is a 2 day course, the learner will complete the full course (2 unit standards) via eLearning to apply for Competent Certificate.
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“Risk assessments are the cornerstone of all safe working environments and serve as the initial step for effective Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) management. Firstly, the risk assessment process enables the precise identification and analysis of all pertinent dangers, hazards, and risks. Furthermore, a solid understanding and correct execution of the risk assessment process are imperative; otherwise, an organization’s efforts to establish a safe working environment may be severely compromisedTo be proficient as a risk assessor, one must master hazard identification and analysis. In addition, it is vital to choose appropriate measures to mitigate hazards and risks. This two-day course also provides essential skills for preparing, conducting, evaluating, documenting, and reviewing control measures for managing identified risks. For those involved in risk assessment or OHS management, familiarity with the OHS Act is not just beneficial but essential.”

Risk Assessments: Purpose and Scope

“This course provides valuable skills for risk analysis, hazard identification, and risk control strategies”

Risk Assessments: Learning Objectives

  • Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments.
  • Prepare to conduct a continuous risk assessment.
  • Conduct a continuous risk assessment.
  • Initiate remedial action and follow up on continuous risk assessment. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to the preparation, conducting, recording and follow-up actions of a planned task observation in a working place

Other applicable courses for growth

The following courses collectively contribute to professional growth in the field of safety and health management:

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  • She Management Course
  • She Representative
  • Legal Compliance Auditing
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