Regulatory Training: Incident Investigation Management

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Course outcomes:
This course is structured to be able to identify and explain the legal and organizational-specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents.

 SAQA unit standard:
Aligned to unit standard 259617 Conduct an investigation into workplace safety, health, and environmental incidents

The skill, knowledge, and values reflected in this unit standard form part of the exit level outcomes required for the National Certificate in Environmental Practice NQF Level 2.                                       
Course structure:
Legal Requirements
An Organisation’s Own Incident Report Structures
Legal Requirement for the Recording and Reporting of Incidents
Initial Response at Incident Scenes
Incident Prevention
The Relationship between Safety and Productivity / Profitability
Prescribed requirements on how to complete an Incident Report
How to Conduct an Incident Investigation
Corrective Action
Post-Incident activities
Different reports that need to be completed
Where to submit the reports
Process of the physical evidence gathered
Process of resources used during the investigation
Target group:
Safety Reps
Team Leaders

An attendance certificate will be issued in electronic format, in PDF