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Regulatory Training: Flag-Person: Purpose of the course

The Regulatory Training: Flag-Person Course equips participants with essential skills to manage traffic flow and ensure safety at construction sites and roadworks. In this comprehensive training, you’ll learn how to direct traffic effectively, protect workers, and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

A flag person, also known as a signaler, significantly plays a crucial role in ensuring safety at construction sites or roadworks. Additionally, their presence not only helps in directing traffic efficientlybut also serves as an indispensable communication link between the work crew and the public. Ultimately, their contribution is essential for maintaining order and safety in potentially hazardous situations Their main responsibilities include:

  • Directing Traffic: Flag persons stop, slow down, and safely guide vehicles through work zones.
  • Protecting Workers: By regulating traffic, they help safeguard construction workers in the area.

“Additionally, flag persons undergo training to identify risks, choose suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), and correctly display temporary signage.”

SAQA unit standard aligned :
This Flag-Person course aligns with unit standard 258923. This is a non-accredited course.

Regulatory Training: Flag-Person Course outcomes:  

Participants on completion of this course will know and understand:

  • Responsibilities of a flag person;
  • Safety and Flagging procedures;
  • Set up of Temporary road signs;
  • Safe loading and offloading of equipment and workers;
  • Completion of the task;
  • Monitoring the public;
  • Identify hazards and risks;
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists, or anybody else using the road or pavement;
  • Signs and equipment are removed in the correct sequence, including the person with the flag;
  • Temporary signs and equipment are correctly off loaded, cleaned, and stored;
  • Damaged equipment is reported according to worksite procedures.

Target group:  

The team tasked with conducting work on or next to the road;


Attendance certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.   

Duration: 1 day