Regulatory Training: Understand and Implement the COID Act

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Purpose of the Course:

Regulatory Training: COID Act course focusses on the understanding and implementing of COIDA in the workplace. This course outlines the specific conditions that qualify for compensation claims and details the extent and type of awards that may be granted.

“The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 (COIDA) was signed into South African law effective from 1 March 1994, to provide compulsory compensation for all employees under a contract of employment (with a few exceptions) for death or personal injury suffered in the course of their employment”. The primary objective of the act is to significantly reduce the number of work-related accidents and diseases in South Africa. To this end, government entities, employers, and workers alike must embrace and implement a culture of prevention.” To achieve this, it necessitates the adoption and implementation of a culture of prevention by government, employers, and workers. Consequently, the effective prevention of work-related accidents and ill-health will not only safeguard the workforce but also have enormous social and economic benefits.

SAQA unit standard aligned :

Aligned to unit standard 259610 Demonstrate a basic understanding of the procedure for submission of compensation claims for injuries and occupational diseases.

Regulatory Training: COID Act Course outcomes:  

  1. Purpose of COIDA
  2. Legislation actively determines who qualifies for compensation and who does not.
  3. Legislation explains the nature and degree of disability that qualifies for compensation.
  4. Legislative requirements demonstrate the knowledge of the involved compensation benefits.
  5. The implications of not adhering to legislative requirements;
  6. Legislative requirements detail the reporting processes for injuries and/or occupational diseases.
  7. Claim Processes;
  8. Control procedures for finalization of COID claims;
  9. Employee responsibilities in terms of reporting and documentation.

Regulatory Training: COID Act Course Target group:  

“This unit standard aims to equip learners with an understanding of The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 (COIDA).”


“Affsaf will issue attendance certificates electronically in PDF format.”

Course Duration: 1 day