Competent Basic She Representative, 259622 + 259639

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OHS She Rep Course Overview

“This two-day OHS She Rep course, designed specifically for individuals appointed as SHE Representatives under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, fundamentally focuses on their roles and responsibilities. This practical training program will equip these individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. “

OHS She Rep course topics:

Understanding the OHS Act: Purpose, and implications in the workplace.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Safety Representative, including identifying potential hazards, conducting safety inspections, and liaising with management on safety issues.

Safety Communication: The program emphasizes the importance of effective safety communication in the workplace, including conducting safety meetings, preparing safety reports, and promoting a safety culture.

Legal Compliance and obligations of employers and employees under the OHS Act, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Risk Assessment: Identify potential hazards in the workplace and assess the risks associated with them. This could include machinery, chemicals, work processes, and even ergonomic risks.

Implement Control Measures: Once risks have been identified, implement control measures to mitigate them.

Emergency preparedness: How to respond to emergencies in the workplace.

OHS She Rep course is aligned to the following SAQA unit standards:

  • US259622: Describe the functions of the SHS Representative; and
  • US 859639: Health & Safety in the workplace.

Certificate of Successful Completion:

In order to receive a “certificate of successful completion” you need to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Attend the full 2 days training;
  • Compile and submit a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your learning during the course.

Upon completion of the program, participants are indeed equipped to serve as OHS She Reps. They play a crucial role in promoting workplace safety and ensuring compliance with the OHS Act. As they step into this role, they become the guardians of safety, acting as a bridge between management and employees. Their training allows them to identify potential hazards, recommend solutions, and advocate for safety policies.