Practical Skills Course: Microsoft Word Introduction

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Practical Skills:Microsoft Word Introduction Training

Practical Skills Course: Microsoft Word Introduction Training

Course structure:
Work with multiple documents.
Text Format
Paragraph Format paragraphs.
Pages Format pages.
Document Format a document.
The Templates are used and created.

What you will learn:

Increasing Productivity: Furthermore, you’ll learn efficient techniques, such as keyboard shortcuts and automation, allowing you to create and edit documents quickly and effectively.

Understanding features like track changes, comments, and cloud integration enables seamless collaboration with others on Word documents

Proficiency in Word is essential across various professions, from administrative roles to creative fields

Moreover, employers value Word proficiency, making it a valuable addition to your resume

Developing Overall Computer Literacy: Furthermore, Word training contributes to your broader digital literacy and adaptability.

Course Outcomes: Furthermore, when completing Microsoft Word training, participants gain valuable skills and knowledge that enhance their proficiency in using this widely used word processing program.

  • Document Creation and Formatting: Participants learn to create, format, and edit professional-looking documents, including text manipulation, styling, and layout adjustments.
  • Templates and Styles: Understanding how to work with templates and styles allows users to create consistent and reusable document formats.
  • Graphics and Visual Elements: Participants explore features like inserting graphics, clip art, and pictures, enhancing the visual appeal of their documents.
  • Efficient Document Management: The training covers techniques for managing headers, footers, page dimensions, and print settings.
  • Advanced Features: Participants delve into more advanced functions, such as mail merge, creating charts, and linking applications.
  • Mastering Microsoft Word opens doors to productivity and professional growth! 
  • The person will be trained in Microsoft Word.

Target group:
This course targets all employees in the workplace.

The skill, knowledge, and values reflected in this unit standard furthermore form part of the exit level outcomes required for the National Certificate in Environmental Practice NQF Level 2

 SAQA unit standard:
Moreover, being aligned to unit standard 117924, using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor to format documents is essential

An attendance certificate will be issued in electronic format, in PDF