Legal Compliance Inspection and Auditing

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Legal Compliance Inspection and Auditing

Legal Compliance Inspection and Auditing

Course outcomes:  Legal Compliance

Legal Requirements
Standard for inspections
Hazards and risks
Importance of initiating immediate actions
Purpose of audit inspection
Prepare for Inspections
Conducting the Audit
Requirements for an inspection
Initially, we take measurements to eliminate the risk. Subsequently, these measurements help control the risk. Furthermore, they assist in sourcing the risk. Finally, they aim to minimize the risk
PPE; Tools and equipment
Teamwork inspections
Action taken
Action as reasonably practicable
Withdrawn workers
Withdrawn tools and equipment
Consequence for non-compliance
Report on the following up on inspection results
Complete the reports.
The follow-up actions
Legal Compliance Auditing
The Legal compliance audits
Why carry out a legal compliance audit
What must be covered in terms of legal compliance auditing
In terms of the health and safety management process, what must initially be addressed is
Approaching a legal compliance audit

Purpose of the course:  Legal Compliance Inspection
This course is initially designed to be able to perform a workplace pre-use, safety, and/or audit inspection. Following that, it enables the initiation of remedial action. Subsequently, it allows for reporting on the inspection. Finally, it includes following up on the inspection
The learner will also be able to explain the legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting these insp

Legal Compliance Inspection and Auditing” training is crucial for a variety of reasons:

  • Risk Management: This training helps identify and manage potential legal risks before they become problematic. It’s a proactive approach to prevent legal issues.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Laws and regulations are constantly changing. This training ensures that your organization stays up-to-date with the latest legal requirements, helping to avoid penalties or sanctions.
  • Professional Standards: The training helps maintain high professional standards within the organization. It ensures that all operations are conducted in line with industry guidelines and best practices.
  • Employee Confidence: When employees are well-trained in legal compliance, they can perform their duties with confidence, knowing that they are operating within the law. This can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Ethical Operations: The training also emphasizes the importance of operating within ethical boundaries, promoting a culture of integrity and ethical conduct within the organization.

Certificates for Legal Compliance Inspection and Auditing
 Initially, we will issue Attendance and Competent certificates electronically, in PDF. You can request hardcopy certificates if needed, at an additional cost

SAQA unit standard aligned  
Unit standard 120333 Conduct, report, and follow up on a pre-use, safety, and/or audit inspection. NQF Level 3 worth 5 credits