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This course is giving the learner the understanding to maintain health, safety and environmental legislation in a work place.

  • Legislative framework of health, safety and environmental legislation
    • Legislative Process
    • Composition of the Act
    • Legislation Contravention
    • Legal Implications

Purpose of the Ohs Act

How the need for the Ohs Legislation is identified

Consequences of failing to comply

  • Legislation Objectives
    • Applicable Legislation

The Ohs Act Sections

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • Regulations
      • General Regulations
      • The General Administrative Regulations;
      • The General Safety Regulations;
      • The Major Hazard Installation Regulations;
      • The Explosives Regulations
      • The Construction Regulation
      • Regulations for Hazardous Work by Children in SA
      • Health related Regulations
  • The Asbestos Regulations;
  • The Diving Regulations;
  • The Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
  • The Facilities Regulations
  • The Regulations for Hazardous chemical Substances
  • The Lead Regulations
  • The Noise  Induced Hearing Loss
    • Mechanical related Regulations
    • The Driven Machinery Regulations;
    • The General Machinery Regulations;
    • The Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor;
    • The Pressure Equipment Regulations
    • Electrical related Regulations
    • The Electrical Installation Regulations;
    • The Electrical Machinery Regulations
  • The requirements regarding to a company’s health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and codes
  • The legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting, reporting and acting on the outcome of a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection. 
  • Prepare for the inspections.
  • Conduct pre-use, safety and audit inspections. 
  • Initiate immediate remedial action where necessary. 

Report on and follow up on inspection results.

  • Statutory requirements; Policy requirements
    • Importance of Compliance;
  • Relevant Legislative requirements
  • The implementation and maintenance of health, safety and environmental legislation in a workplace.
    • Allocation of resources
    • Training and communication
    • Objectives and targets
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Documents and records
    • Recommending action

Target Group

  • She and Occupational health practitioners
  • All health and safety managers, engineers and other persons directly involved in the implementation and management of health and safety within any organisation.
  • All persons wishing to have a full understanding of OHS at the workplace, the purpose behind OHS and also how to successfully implement it.
  • Health and Safety Representative; staff involved in day-to-day Ohs responsibilities
  • Line Managers and supervisors
  • Department of Labour inspectors
  • She Representatives, committee members