Skills Programme: Intermediate Emergency First Aid Responder, QCTO Accredited

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Firstly, the purpose of this knowledge module for the Intermediate Emergency First Aid Responder is to equip learners with a basic operational understanding of the key concepts and principles that underpin the tasks performed by a basic emergency first aider.

Knowledge Module

The module:

The Intermediate Emergency First Aid Responder module:

The purpose of this module is to equip the First Aid Responders with foundational knowledge and understanding to effectively handle emergency situations and provide immediate life-saving care. Learners will explore first aid principles, learning how to assess and manage common injuries and medical emergencies, prioritize patient safety, apply appropriate resuscitation and wound care techniques, and communicate effectively with emergency medical services.

The learning will be delivered in a blended training mode, combining online and in-person instruction. This module is designed to be completed in approximately ten notional hours, depending on learner readiness and commitment.

Notional hours represent the estimated time required for completing a specific course or training program, including both contact hours (instruction time) and non-contact hours (independent study, assignments, assessments, etc.). They serve as a guideline for estimating the time commitment needed to achieve desired learning outcomes.

List of knowledge Topics for the Intermediate Emergency First Aid Responder

KM-01-KT01 Principles of providing intermediate emergency first aid.
KM-01-KT02 Effective application of intermediate emergency first aid.
KM-01-KT03 Basic human anatomy and physiology for intermediate emergency first aid.
KM-01-KT04 Recognise emergencies, injuries, and illnesses, and treat appropriately using intermediate emergency first aid techniques.

Practical Skills Module

The purpose of the practical skills module for the learner is to equip learners with hands-on abilities, competence and techniques for intermediate first aid providers required for real-life emergency situations.

Entry Requirements for the Intermediate Emergency First Aid Responder

Skills Certificate: Basic Emergency First Aid, NQF Level 2.