Competent Risk Assessor and Incident Course 120330 + 120335

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This is a 4day course, the learner will complete the full course (4 unit standards) to apply for Competent Certificate.
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HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) and Incident Investigation course is indeed a crucial training program for professionals in various industries. It equips participants with the skills needed to effectively assess and manage risks, as well as to conduct thorough investigations of workplace incidents.

The course typically covers legal requirements, methodologies, best practices, and documentation related to risk assessment and incident management. It’s designed to help create a safer working environment by preventing injuries, illnesses, and damage to company assets, and by minimizing environmental harm.

HIRA: SAQA Aligned US120330

HIRA  involves a systematic process where professionals identify, analyze, and control hazards and risks present in a workplace. They determine which measures should be implemented to eliminate or control those risks.

HIRA and Incident Investigation Course Structure

Legal Requirements

  • Processes
  • Documentation
  • Hazards & Risks at the workplace

HIRA – Preparation:

  • Documentation
  • Conditions
  • “Who, when, what”
  • Consequences

HIRA – Execution:

  • Process & documentation

Follow up Action

  • Remedial action
  • Follow-up action
  • Consequences of non-compliance

Incident Investigation – SAQA Aligned US 120335

The Incident Investigation course is designed to benefit all levels of management, safety practitioners, safety committee members, and individuals responsible for investigating incidents. They aim to help you establish root causes and prevent injuries, property damage, and financial loss in your organization.

Incident Investigation – Course Structure

Incident Investigation in the workplace

  • Purpose of Investigating incidents
  • Standards of Investigation
  • Hazards & Risks

Data Gathering relating to the incident investigation

  • Gather data accordingly
  • Prevailing conditions
  • Establish variances
  • Cause identification
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • Report writing

Incident Investigation Report Writing

Post Investigation

  • Reporting on findings
  • Evaluating and Recording

Effects of an Incident on an OHS Management System

  • Identified shortfalls in respect of the OHS Management System

Certificate of Successful Completion:

In order to receive a “certificate of successful completion” you need to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Attend the full 2 days training;
  • Compile and submit a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your learning during the course.

HIRA & Incident Investigation course duration: 2 days