Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Agents, 2021 Course

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Hazardous Chemical Agents Regulations, purpose

The Hazardous Chemical Agents Regulations of 2021 replace the previous regulations from 1995. These new regulations provide definitions, additional measures, and guidelines related to HCA. Notably, they address issues such as labelling and disposal. The regulations aim to enhance safety and protect individuals in workplaces where hazardous chemicals are present


It started with definitions of the regulations

Scope of Application applicable to, Employer and Manufacturer

Information and Training,

Information on accessing the relevant SDS’s, providers, label on containers, work practices and procedures, air sampling, biological monitoring and medical surveillance. Need for engineering controls and how to use and maintain them. PPE, precautions, and lastly use the correct equipment.

Hazardous Chemical Agents Regulations continue 1

Duties of persons who may be exposed to HCA

First of all, obey any lawful instruction, prevent the release of HCA, wear PPE, use monitoring equipment, conduct medical surveillance, perform cleaning and disposal, maintain housekeeping, practice personal hygiene, follow good environmental and health practices, and finally, undergo training

Assessment of exposure,

Firstly, assess the presence of HCA to which a person may be exposed. Next, consult with H&S reps or the committee in writing about the arrangements. Consider the physical formroute of intake, and nature of the work process as well as the deterioration of controls. Additionally, ensure air monitoring carries out, especially where the inhalation of an HCA concerns. This assessment conducts by an AIA or a representative of employees

Medical Surveillance,

Employees experience exposure to a hazardous chemical agent (HCA) that may cause identifiable or adverse health effects. Diagnostic techniques are available to identify indications of the disease or effect.

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Respirator zone, what the employer must do and who needs to wear a respirator.

Records, what to keep, assess and how long to keep the records.

Control of Exposure to HCA, how it must be controlled.

Personal Protective Equipment and Facilities, what PPE to use how to store them.

Maintenance of Control Measures, equipment, facilities, examinations and tests. When to use the control measures.

Prohibition, who is prohibited to enter and when can you keep food beverages and what area will be allocated for eating.

Hazardous Chemical Agents Regulations continue 3

Classification of HCA, Manufacturer or importer of a chemical agent must, before supplying to a workplace

Labelling of HCA, datasheets and how to complete them


Disclose of integrity identification

Disposal of HCA, recyle, and what to do with the waste and how to store them.