First Aid Level 2

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The purpose of the First Aid Level 2 skills program is to enhance individuals’ capacity to function as competent Basic First Aid Providers. These providers respond to emergency situations, delivering efficient and immediate basic medical care to ill and injured individuals during emergencies. Furthermore, they operate with a limited range of equipment, adapting to both common and uncommon scenarios. Their services strictly adhere to regulated scopes of work defined by various regulatory requirements. Additionally, incumbents must stay updated on approved new practices and lastly techniques.

Knowledge Module for the First aid level 2

First of all the purpose of this knowledge module is to provide learners with a foundational understanding of key concepts and principles related to basic emergency first aid. Learners will gain insights into assessing and managing common injuries and medical emergencies, prioritizing patient safety, applying appropriate resuscitation and wound care techniques, and effectively communicating with emergency medical services.

The learning will be delivered in a blended training mode, in addition to combining online and in-person instruction. This module aims to deliver its content in approximately ten notional hours, depending on learner readiness and commitment.

Notional hours represent the estimated time required for completing a specific course or training program, including both contact hours (instruction time) and non-contact hours (independent study, assignments, assessments, etc.). Lastly, they serve as a guideline for estimating the time commitment needed to achieve desired learning outcomes

Practical Skills Module for the First aid level 2

The purpose of the practical skill module is to provide learners with hands-on coaching and exposure to key skills needed for assessing and managing basic medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies. This module equips learners with applied knowledge and skills to effectively respond to specific emergency situations.

By emphasizing hands-on application and experiential learning, the module enables learners to develop fundamental capabilities in essential first aid techniques. Learners will promptly and appropriately perform life-saving actions while minimizing harm. Through practical exercises and simulations, they will gain proficiency in assessing vital signs, managing bleeding, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), applying splints, treating burns, recognizing and managing specific medical conditions, and responding to limited environmental emergencies.

The module will be delivered using an essential task instruction methodology, which focuses on teaching learners the essential techniques and processes required for effective task performance.

Entry Requirements for the First aid level 2

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