The Use of Firefighting Equipment

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Purpose of the Firefighting Equipment Course:

The Firefighting Equipment Course will enable learners to demonstrate knowledge of workplace fires, their probable causes, prevention methods, detection, and emergency fire-fighting procedures. Learners will also describe the specific requirements for responding to emergencies according to action plan procedures in a workplace and managing emergency action plan procedures. There is a lot of videos to practical show the learner how to operate a fire extinguisher and learners will also practice the swing the extinguisher, to get an idea of what to do.

SAQA unit standard aligned:  

Firefighter 120331

Unit standard 120331 Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to fires in working places at NQF level 3 worth 3 credits.

Firefighting equipment Course structure:

Basic knowledge pertaining to fires elements, including gases and combustion
Changes in air temperature and gas concentration

Escape strategy
The Signs and safety equipment
Causes and prevention of fires at the workplace
Common causes and precautions
Classification of different fire risks
Fire detection methods
Functions of fire detection methods or systems Instruments to be used for fire detection
The role of physical senses
Fire preparedness Importance of fire fighting, escape, and rescue procedures
Up-to-date fire and rescue plan
Different fire extinguishing equipment
Inspection and maintenance of fire fighting equipment; 
Emergency control room
Arrangements, equipment, and procedures in an emergency control room
Requirements pertaining to responding to emergencies according to an emergency action plan in a workplace.
Implement and manage emergency action plan procedures.
Respond to emergencies according to action plan procedures.  
Practical on how to use fire extinguishers.
The client must supply the extinguishers and refill them afterward.
The alternative is for Affsaf to use empty extinguishers for practice in class.

Target group:  

FireFighting Equipment Course target group: All persons are required to assist in the case of an emergency.
Appointed Fire Marshalls at the workplace


An Attendance certificate for the FireFighting Equipment Course will be issued in electronic format only (PDF).