Fire Fighting and Floor & Fire Marshall Awareness Course

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Course Overview

Learners credited with this unit standard will be able to demonstrate knowledge of working place fires, their probable causes, how to prevent them, how they are detected and how to apply emergency fire fighting procedures.

Other applicable courses for growth/career path

  • Emergency preparedness

•     Incident Investigation;

•     Office Safety;

•     Personal Protective Equipment;

•     Safe Working Procedures and Job Safety Analysis;

•     First Aid; and

•     Ohs Awareness.

It should be noted that these courses will not all be applicable to every industry.

Learning Assumed to be in place

  • There is open access to this programme as long as you are competent in Communications and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2
  • Learners will have attained competence in the unit standard: ” Conduct an investigation into workplace incidents” (SAQA ID 120335).

Specific requirements pertaining to this course

All the Specific Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria are assessed in accordance with specified requirements and – where applicable – consequences to health and safety.


  • Specified requirements include definitions, standards, procedures, and classes of fires and codes of practice.
  • Symbolic signs include fire fighting equipment, fire hydrants, escape routes, alarm positions, first aid equipment, emergency telephone, refuge bay, assembly point.
  • Electronic, fire patrols

Types of fires include:

  • Electrical
  • Class A (solid organic materials)
  • Class B (Liquid and liquefiable solids)
  • Class C (gases or liquefied gases)
  • Class D (metals, e.g. magnesium and aluminium)


Legal requirements:
Current Legislation pertaining to:

  • Mines Health & Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Mandatory Codes of Practice
  • Fire Brigade Services