Safe Excavation Training Course (4h)

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Excavation safety Course outcomes:

The excavation safety training course spans four hours, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of excavation risks. During the course, workers meticulously plan, assess risks, and implement protective measures to prevent accidents while digging or trenching. They analyze soil conditions, design protective systems, and adhere to safety regulations, ensuring a secure work environment. Prioritizing safety is paramount to avoid hazards. It will provide employees with clear expectations regarding their responsibilities for performing excavations

Know and understand the hazards attached to safe excavation work;

Know and understand the precautionary measures needed to manage the identified hazards;

Address the shoring, benching, and cut-back aspects with respect to effective excavation work;

Know and understand the legal requirements.

Course structure:

The course structure ensures that participants fully understand excavation work hazards. Incidents in this field often lead to fatalities. We use several videos to facilitate the course. Stay safe!

Introduction to Excavation Safety:

Legal requirements and responsibilities for managing excavations.
Identification and evaluation of excavation hazards.
Risk assessment and hazard control measures.
Excavation management plans and procedures.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) for excavation work.

OSHA Standards and Practical Techniques pertaining to Excavation safety:

Understanding OSHA standards related to excavation and trenching.
Soil analysis techniques.
Protective system design.
Hazard identification and risk mitigation.

Safe Excavation:

Factors that pose hazards to employees working in excavations.
Protection against cave-ins.
The role of a competent person at an excavation site.
Other related issues associated with excavations

SAQA unit standard aligned:

This course is not aligned with a unit standard.


Attendance certificates will be issued electronically, in PDF.      

Target group for the excavation course:

This excavation course is aimed at all persons that are involved in excavation work, especially in the construction industry but not limited to that industry.
All levels of employees would gain from this excavation course.