Working in Confined Spaces Course (1C)

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Course overview:

Working in confined spaces is a high-risk environment, so it is very important to adhere to the safety rules.

Firstly, Introduction:

  • Understanding what constitutes a space:
    • Instead of “Understanding what constitutes a space,” we can say “Gaining an understanding of what defines a space.”
    • Alternatively, “Exploring the characteristics that define a space.”
  • Identifying the hazards associated with spaces:
    • Instead of “Identifying the hazards associated with spaces,” we can say “Recognizing the potential risks linked to spaces.”
    • Alternatively, “Being aware of the dangers present in spaces.

Preparation for confined spaces Entry:

  • Before entering a space, it is essential to follow specific procedures.
  • Additionally, utilizing an entry permit system is crucial for safe space entry.
  • Furthermore, adhering to Regulation 5 ensures proper practices when working in spaces

Standard Operating Procedures when entry Confined spaces:

Firstly, it is crucial to have a step-by-step guide for working safely within confined spaces.


To start, identify the hazards of working in spaces.

  1. Hazards relative to gasses are idenfied.
  1. Hazards relative to water are identified.
  1. Hazards relative to fire are identified.
  1. Hazards relative to soil types and conditions are identified.
  1. Hazards relative to installation processes of material and plant are identified.
  1. Hazards relative to the operation of plant and equipment are identified.

Appropriate protective clothing or equipment.

  1. Protective clothing or equipment is identified for the various tapes of hazards encountered in confined spaces.
  1. The proper use of protective clothing or equipment is demonstrated for the various hazards situations.

Training requirements for unskilled workers working in confined spaces & train the workers.

  1. Training programmes to sensitize unskilled workers to the dangers of working in spaces are prepared or secured.
  1. Unskilled workers are trained in order to sensitize them to the dangers of working in spaces and the need for appropriate action.

Plan and Implement emergency procedures.

  1. Resources are identified to handle an emergency.
  1. A plan of action is prepared for emergency and implementation.

Lastly, Explain the relevant Occupational Health and safety regulations.
Explain the relevant Occupational Health and safety regulations pertaining to working in confined areas

  1. The application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (no 85 of 1993) relative to working in confined spaces is explained
  1. Measures required in respect of the legislation are identified and applied