Skills Programme: Advanced Emergency First Aid Responder, QCTO Accredited

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First of all, the purpose of the Advanced Emergency First Aid Responder course is to equip employees with the necessary knowledge. The skills to perform the duties of an Advanced Emergency First Aid Responder. These responders play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in the workplace.

They assess potential risks and hazards, develop effective emergency response plans. Provide immediate medical care in the event of an accident or injury. Furthermore, by identifying and addressing specific risks, they help minimize the impact of incidents. They protect lives, and promote a safe working environment for all employees.

Knowledge Module

The module:

Let us start the purpose of this knowledge module is to enable learners to develop a basic understanding of advanced emergency (risk-based) first aid concepts and principles. Learners will gain the necessary knowledge to assess hazards, prioritize care. Apply advanced first aid interventions, and adhere to safety protocols in high-risk environments.

By the end of this module, learners will confidently master the practical skills required to apply risk-based advanced first aid techniques and principles. They will effectively respond to life-threatening situations, minimize the impact of injuries or illnesses. Provide optimal care until higher-level medical assistance arrives.

Furthermore, this module will be presented through a blended learning medium. It incorporating a combination of online resources, interactive multimedia materials, case studies, practical simulations, and guided discussions. Trainers and facilitators will provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the learning process, nor fostering an interactive and learner-centered environment.

List of knowledge Topics for the Advanced Emergency First Aid Responder

KM-01-KT01 Principles for providing risk based first aid.
KM-01-KT02 Effective applied advanced emergency first aid.
KM-01-KT03 Human anatomy and physiology for advanced emergency first aid.
KM-01-KT04 Concepts and principles of providing advanced emergency level first aid.

Practical Skills Module

First of all, the purpose of this practical skill module is to equip learners with the necessary skills. Positive attitudes are required to provide advanced emergency first aid care in various settings. Through a range of activities and assessments, learners will develop and demonstrate applied knowledge. The skills in advanced emergency first aid.

This module serves as a solid foundation for learners who aspire to progress to higher levels of emergency first aid training. Ultimately become expert emergency first aid responders. The focus of learning is to provide learners with coaching in applying advanced emergency first aid techniques. They will practice these techniques and demonstrate their capability in a simulated environment.

The module will be facilitated using the ‘Critical Task Instruction’ (CTI) training methodology. CTI is a structured approach that breaks down complex tasks into manageable components. It provides clear instructions, demonstrations, and practice opportunities. By emphasizing job aids, checklists, and visual aids, CTI ensures consistency in task execution. Lastly, this methodology is commonly used in industries such as an emergency response, where precise task execution is crucial.

Entry Requirements for the Advanced Emergency First Aid Responder

Skills Certificate: Intermediate Emergency First Aid, NQF Level 3.