Competent OHS Management Implement Systems Course, unit standards 259601 + 259639

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The course is structured to ensure that there is a full and complete understanding of how to approach on OHS management system from scratch and how to ensure its full and effective implementation.

Course outcomes:

Participants on completion of this course will know and understand:

  • Explaining the requirements for the implementation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace.
  • Implementing the procedures for evaluating safety and health performance in the workplace, as required by the safety and health management programme.
  • Evaluating performance of workplace safety activities required by the safety and health management programme. 
  • Duties of Employer,  Employees, She Representatives and Committee  are explained
  • Consequences of medical and non-medical intoxication authorised access, mobile equipment, lock out procedures, Symbolic signage
  • Potential hazards, consequences, reporting of hazards and risks
  • Personal Protective Equipment, correct usage and application, storage, reporting and replacements
  • Good housekeeping, stacking and storage, demarcation and colour coding
  • Emergency procedures, escape routes, assembly points, refuge bays, emergency communication procedures, emergency situations.

Structure of the course

Module 1

  • The link between the OHS Act and a management system.
  • What a management system must have to be deemed to be OHSAS 18001 compliant.
  • The importance of categorizing a management system.
  • The requirements for the implementation of a health and safety management programme.
  • How to implement the procedures for evaluating health and safety performance at the workplace.
  • To evaluate the performance of workplace safety activities.
  • The importance of all employees’ involvement to implementing it effectively and then driving the system / programme to remain effective.

Module 2

  • Duties of Employer and Employees
  • General Safety rules in the workplace
  • Potential Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Emergency procedures

Target Group:

  • This course is aimed at all health and safety managers, engineers and other persons directly involved in the implementation and management of health and safety within any organisation.
  • People wishing to have a full understanding of OHS at the workplace, the purpose behind OHS and also how to successfully implement it.
  • Health and Safety Representative